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To brainstorm and organize ideas for base defense, attacks, wars, promos, etc.!
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 Silver Squad Rules

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PostSubject: Silver Squad Rules   Silver Squad Rules EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 1:01 pm

Silver Squad was founded on 12/28/2014, so it's a farely new branch of Gold Squad.  The purpose of Silver Squad is to have a more laid back clan, but also learn how to attack better in war and eventually move up to Gold Squad.  

Here are some basic rules:

1.) Draw clan castles in war - For TH5 and TH6, the usual attack involves Giant/Healer.  If you are not drawing the clan castle, your giants are going to likely be vaporized by as little as one wizard.  That's all it takes, so if you are continuously not drawing the clan castle troops, you will be booted.

2.) Bring your clan castle troops.  This is obvious as everyone would like to have some extra forces to help with their attack.  If you forget once, fine no problem, but if it happens continuously, you will be booted.

3.) If clan war matchups are stated (a regular thing in Gold Squad), you need to adhere to these matchups.  Why?  Depending on the opposing clan and their town hall ranks, it may be necessary to adjust the matchups from war to war.  

4.) A basic understanding of base defense.  You must protect your defensive buildings with walls and traps.  Air defense buildings for example are best suited to be placed behind a high hp building such as storages.  If your base set-up is terrible, you will be asked to revise it.  If not revised, then you will be booted.  Please see some of the recommended bases for TH5, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. in the "War 101" section.

This is about it. Others include, no excessive foul language and be kind/courteous to others. Bad donation ratios will also be addressed as they come.

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Silver Squad Rules
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