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 review of replays gold squad vs taberna master

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review of replays gold squad vs taberna master Empty
PostSubject: review of replays gold squad vs taberna master   review of replays gold squad vs taberna master EmptySat Oct 25, 2014 10:28 pm

lhc vs matheus 0 star
barb arch giant wb wiz drag cc king light 2 rage
drew cc but army comp fail,

wang vs thaisa 1 star
36 arch, 1 healer, 30 hog lv1, cc king 3 heal
drew cc, low level hogs couldnt make it.  single giant bombs killed hogs 1 hit.

chris vs joao victor 1 star
15 archer, 6 wiz, 32 hogs, cc, king, 1 heal 2 rage
drew cc, lvl1 hogs died fast especially when raged

xlumberjack vs taina 1 star
63 barb, 24 arch, 13 giant, 3 wb, 8 wiz, cc, king, 2 heal, 1 rage
drew cc, was attacking hog base and giants went around hog ring, wizards to center for slaughter.  This raid was executed properly for a normal base but the base design of the hog base caused it to fail.

tanner vs renan morinel 1 star
45 arch, 3 dragon, 20 hog lvl3, king, queen, 2 heal 2 rage
drew cc, hogs died fast, did not poduce 30 percent.  both heros and 3 dragons got the 3 star.  rage did not help, dragons did not help.  if your going to hog use heals, leave the dragons at home.

great battle vs giu 0 star
30 arch, 1 gob, 16 giant, 8 wb, 10 wiz, 4 valk, cc, king, 3 rage
drew cc, decent army comp, troops didnt work together and flow, giants overcame by spring traps.  missed spell.

Ram vs asgardiano 1 star
5wb, 11 wiz, 2 pekka, 7 valk, 2 golem, cc, king, queen, light, 2 rage, jump
Cc delta with, this battle was lost to approach from corner, out buildings not properly cleared, spell timing off, troops left core to go around outside due to late jump spell, th almost destroyed but earlier rage would have got it.
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review of replays gold squad vs taberna master
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