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 review of replays war failed attacks vs. league of assn

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review of replays war failed attacks vs. league of assn Empty
PostSubject: review of replays war failed attacks vs. league of assn   review of replays war failed attacks vs. league of assn EmptyThu Oct 16, 2014 1:45 pm

This is a review of all 1 star or lower attacks and what appears to have gone wrong.  This is in no way putting down members here or anything else.  Just trying to identify where the problems lie, and how to correct them.  

Tanner vs Mcbuck 1 star 74%
29 hog 52 arch 7 wiz king queen cc 2 rage 2 heal
lure cc yes, lure hero no
Army composition good, spells timed poorly.  2 rage should be swapped for heal with lvl 3 hogs.  hogs taken out by traps and big bombs.  Average result for hog attack gone wrong.

Beerme vs Hookem 1 star 64%
71 barb 116 arch 7 wb 3 lightning no cc
draw cc yes
Army composition farming, no cc.  Attack went well for what it was and almost 2 stared but time ran out  A few giants, and wizards and CC would have made this a great attack.

Matt vs RJ12115 0 star 46 percent
11 dragon king 5 archers cc 3 rage
draw cc no
army composition typical mass dragon.  early 5 dragons killed fast due to cc wizards, air defense, and arcer queen.  Remaining dragons taking heavy fire from upraised x bows and another air defense.  one wasted rage spell.  Seems this base was a little too much for mass dragon strategy, had low level ground defenses.  Perhaps a different troop comp would have worked better.

Brian vs Mcbuck 0 stars 27%
8 hogs 28 archers 14 giants 7 wb 12 wiz king pekka cc 1 light 2 rage 1 unused heal
cc draw incomplete
army composition good.  failed to draw cc completely.  suspect he didnt realize it did not come out all the way.  Dropped giants that got nuked by cc wizards.  did not clear out buildings so troops put down attacked collectors and got nuked by defense.  dropped troops on other side of map hogs and pekka.  troops flattened.
He had the troops but his execution was poor.  would have won stars if his giants had survived and all those good troops made it into the base.  

erk vs jeanmattxbox 1 star 50%
1 balloon 10 dragon 1 acher 6 wizard king queen cc 2 rage 2 heal
draw cc no
army composition mainly mass dragon, could have used 1 more dragon as other troops did not do much.  In the end it didnt make much difference.  This base appeard too strong for mass dragon.  The air defenses, raised xbows, cc wizards, and archer queen cut them down pretty quick.  TH7 style ground defense would lend to better possiblity of ground attack.

Justyn vs Jamie 0 star 44%
king 21 archer 6 wizard 9 dragon cc 3 lightning
draw cc no
army comp mass drag with some extras.  seems this bases air defenses and cc wizards put the dragons down quick.  The ones that survived went around the outside.  not an expert on mass dragon, would guess the air defenses were too good, would think it would work better on a th8.

mustafa vs nighknight 0 star 35%
44 arch 2 drag 8 hog 10 giant king 3 wb 1 rage 2 heal
draw cc no
armycomp poor.  Too many spaces wasted on drags and hogs.  This was a truly strange one to watch.  releases archers to watch them shoot at out buildings for almost a minute, cc comes out kills half of it with archers, then the wizards kill all his archers.  he drops each set of troops alone to run to the base to get slaughtered.  At the very end he lets all the giants go and they get slaughtered.  

wang vs james 1 star 80% 1 star 80%
33 arch 12 giant 18wiz pekka 4 wb king drag cc 2 heal 1 rage
draw cc yes
army comp good useless dragon
the only reason this attack failed is the pekka and wizards went around outside

dani vs stonertown 0 star 34%
draw cc no
68 arch 25 barb 9 giant 2 wb 13 gob 1 wiz 1 witch 1 healer cc 2 lightning
army comp needs help. cc came out and ruined her day. army comp could do without gobs, a few more wb, giants and wizards. lots of arch and barbs destroyed due to poor deployment of giants and healers.

ok I guess that is enough. There about 2 dozen more of these. Ill post some better stats down below. Remember these are the failed attacks and 1 stars. I am not picking on anyone. I will do a little observation below. If there were not so many I would catalog them all.

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Posts : 81
Join date : 2014-10-13

review of replays war failed attacks vs. league of assn Empty
PostSubject: Re: review of replays war failed attacks vs. league of assn   review of replays war failed attacks vs. league of assn EmptyFri Oct 17, 2014 1:12 am

Lets take a simpler approach.

71 attacks
21 3 stars
12 2 stars
5 1 stars.
This looks all good at the end after an epic comeback attempt. Lets look at the real numbers. And it was good guys. We are a great clan. But we all know that should have been a win.

14 0 star attacks
14 1 star attacks
9 attacks not used

With 37 (possible) attacks resulting in 14 stars there is a problem. And there in lies the problem why we lost.

The 0 star attacks.
matt mass drag th9 failure
Brian getting owned by cc
justyn mass drag failure
mustafa bad army comp, bad technique, cc draw failure
dani 2 cc failure to lure, bad army comps
tanner bad army comp failure to draw cc
lumberjack cc lure failure, bad army comp but it didnt matter it all got nuked
silver eagle trap base, strange base, army comp not ideal for hogs
haiven mass drag failure
shark did not draw cc bad army comp but it didnt matter
adrian incomplete cc draw bad army comp
great battle 1/2 drag 1/2 wiz army, split between army comp and cc troops nuking
shark wasted lightning, bad cc draw, bad army comp

Those right there, were learning experiences. Players such as dani shark adrian are all gone now on their own accord or got kicked. Which is good. To have 2 epic fail attacks, you probably have some more learning to do. To not draw the cc, and to bring strange armies to battle is risky. My guess is they just don't know any better.

Hits like SE, and the mass drag failures. Your going to get a few of those when dealing with hogs or dragons. Mass dragon you don't worry about cc. SE handles CC every time.

The hits that suffered from strange army compositions. I'm not sure what to do here. Hopefully I can get more links and write-ups on the forum. You guys feel free to pitch in on TH8 and early TH9 type stuff. Or anything really. Out of all those bad attacks we had some awesome attacks and just need to get the word out. Ill do a write-up maybe tonight yet im still psyched from the war and beer on home-brew army comps. But even with a strange army comp, you should be able to walk away with 1 star. That is if you deal the clan castle troops. It wont happen every time, there are trap bases, good layouts etc that will ruin your day with home-brew army.

I had the day off today and a lot of time to analyze things. I come away with the thoughts that if your going to hog your going to have to do it by the book. Even then it may result in a 1 star. I will add to the hog section soon as that is/was a big strategy for me. Second thing is we do a lot of mass drag, and they seem to be pooping out on TH9 bases. Lots of 1 star mass drag attacks and I feel its probably like hog, it has to be done by the book, no sacrificing 1 drag for some wizards, or whatever is going on to fail them so much. Also some bases are being hit with mass drag with uber air defense when their ground game is lacking talking max th8 to th9 level.

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review of replays war failed attacks vs. league of assn
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