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 Gold Squad Clan War Rules. Please Read

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Gold Squad Clan War Rules.  Please Read Empty
PostSubject: Gold Squad Clan War Rules. Please Read   Gold Squad Clan War Rules.  Please Read EmptyTue Oct 14, 2014 1:05 pm

In gold squad clan war participation is required.  Failure to use both attacks may result in a kick from the clan. War prep times happen on the same days at the same hour. Everyone should know when the war starts.
Currently preps are starting Tuesdays and Fridays at 9pm central.

Allow the higher members to fill the war castles during war prep.  Do not feel obligated to put in lower level troops because we have enough members with max or near max level troops to fill the castles.  At this point minimum troop level should be 5 for archer, 5 for wizard, 3 for dragon.  Many of us have level 6 and 7 archers so level 5 should be a last resort.  If you are higher level please try to give them what they ask for if its within reason.

Before the war starts a clan mail will be sent out on which bases to match-up against.  It is usually the bottom 20 bases.  We do this because at the lower levels its very difficult to attack up, and if people take the easy 3 star bases our lower level players are left with nothing to hit.  

Ideally ALL players should make their first war attack in the first half of the war.  We know this is not always possible due to work/sleep/time zone etc.  The earlier you can get your first attack in the better off we are.  This allows the lower levels to clean off failed attack bases.  The lower you are on the war map the earlier you should try to get your attacks in.  This allows the higher levels throughout the map to clean up higher level bases maximizing the stars.  

Your second attack can be done at any time.  It is not ok to take someone else's match-up in the first 12 hours of the war.  If you feel you need to attack 2 times before most people get their first attack in you will have to find a failed attack near your range to clean up.  After the first 12 hours it is ok to go ahead and do a second attack on any base.

In the event that there is a base with an exposed town hall.  YOU CAN NOT HIT IT FOR LOOT, if the war is close and you have other viable attacks.  Members have been instantly kicked for loot sniping early in the war.  It is permitted to attack for loot, but only if we are winning by large margin, or it is the end of the war and you are to low of level to attack any available bases for actual stars.  If in doubt ask a co-leader if it is ok to snipe the base number.  We are usually more than willing to let you do it if your attack is not needed to win the war.

When fighting in the war, we ask that you do the best that you can.  Bring a full clan castle of troops.  Bring a full spell factory.  Believe it or not this can be the difference between no stars and 3 stars in the war.  Also please don't attack with a farming army.  Build an army that is proven to win in war.  If you are reading this right now, there is a section in this forum on army's that are good in war.  You are not required to use those armies but they will give you a definite advantage if you learn to deploy them.

Last but definitely not least.  ALWAYS DRAW OUT THE CLAN CASTLE OR DEAL WITH THEM ACCORDINGLY.  In most attacks the biggest point of failure is not drawing out the clan castle.  You see it over and over on both clans in the wars.  1 wizard can destroy a dozen giants.  1 dragon can ruin your day.  Scout the base before hand and click on the clan castle to reveal the radius to which it can be drawn out.  Plan on where you can drop a few barbs, or a giant, maybe a hog to get the troops to come out.  They will stop coming out when the troop you deploy gets killed.  It is a good idea if your not sure that they all came out to drop another disposable troop into the radius.  Once all the troops are out put barbarians or other disposable troop at the corner of the map so that the clan castle troops leave the base.  Then dispose of them with archers, barbarians, or a lightning spell.  The lightning spell is very effective in killing clan castle troops and it usually only takes one to completely eliminate them or damage them so severely they will die off fast.  Some attack styles you cant really draw out a clan castle.  If you are using one of these styles like mass dragon, or gowipe style attacks you should be skilled enough to handle the clan castle with spells.  Use of lightning and or rage placed on the clan castle troops when using these style attacks usually does the trick.  We generally do not look too highly on members that lose battle after battle to the clan castle troops.  We understand mistakes happen, and sometimes you get more than you bargain for.  Please don't make a habit of letting the clan castle ruin your raid.

With those simple rules War should be fun and enjoyable.  Most of all we will have the best chance of winning which is the goal right?

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Gold Squad Clan War Rules.  Please Read Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gold Squad Clan War Rules. Please Read   Gold Squad Clan War Rules.  Please Read EmptyTue Oct 14, 2014 5:26 pm

Hello - I certainly hope we get more views on this topic in the coming days/weeks ahead.  

I wanted to add a few things...

If you are unable to attack in the war due to vacation or illness, you can always inform us and it's OK to temporarily leave the clan until war preparation has started.  Once the clan opponent selection process has completed, you can always come back.  If you happen to be online during the war, you can help with giving clan castle troops to those who are attacking! Every little bit helps!  Very Happy

Lastly, it's valuable to watch replays of previous attacks.  As an example, I saw a replay and a group of hogs were completely destroyed by a double set of large bombs that were next to a hidden tesla.  Instead of deploying my hogs in that area, I deployed my archer queen who took out that tesla and took away that threat to my hogs.  If you use giants, you can see what the spring traps are in some cases by watching the replays of other attacks.
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Gold Squad Clan War Rules. Please Read
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